XPhobia Escape Rooms – Escape Your World!


What is XPhobia?

XPhobia is an Escape Room in Olean, NY! Did you ever want to step into a movie? Really be in a movie? XPhobia is that movie! We provide an immersive entertainment experience in which you and your team become part of the action! Do you have what it takes to solve a murder, defuse a bomb, rob a bank, break out of jail, or escape from a serial killer in 60 minutes or less?


Pirate Cove Plunder

John Buckingham, famed billionaire, has lately taken to dressing, acting, and talking like a pirate. Buckingham claims to have hidden “the most valuable treasure ever,” in an old pirate ship. Think you and your team have what it takes to find this pirate’s booty?

Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was one the greatest minds the world has ever known. We are still trying to uncover the secrets of his work today. Now its up to you! Can you uncover Da Vinci’s secrets and escape from his office in 60 minutes?

Eleanor's Room

Locked in a serial killer’s basement a girl struggled to escape leaving clues along the way. It’s your turn now! Will you find her secrets and escape before the killer returns?


  • So about that… Basically, you’re locked in a themed room for up to an hour and have to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape using your brain and things you find in the room!

  • Escape rooms are a fun and exciting adventure you go on with your friends, family, or co-workers! They encourage communication and teamwork to solve a common goal. 

  • While we do not have any age restrictions, children under 16 must be accompanied by at least 1 participating adult. Our games are designed and tested for ages 13 and up but we have seen some amazing escapes with children younger than 13 working with their parents! 

  • All of our booking information including cost and availability can be found on our booking site at here

  • We do all of our booking online via the “Book Now” button on this page that will take you to our booking service at www.bookeo.com/xphobia.

  • Yes. Due to the timed nature of escape rooms they must be booked in advance here. This will ensure that your room will be available at your scheduled time.

  • Your booking can be modified via the “view booking” link in your confirmation email up to 24 hours in advance. After this time you will not be able to modify your booking. You may however add to your booking if there is availability by contacting us directly.

  • Sometimes, maybe!  Our escape rooms are themed just like a movie would be. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes dramatic, and occasionally creepy. Review the synopsis of the game you are interested in to determine the genre. 

  • All you need to solve the room is either already in the room or in your head! Please do not bring in unnecessary items. No food or drink is allowed in the room. Cell phones use in the room is prohibited. No photo or video is allowed in the room.

  • Absolutely! Escape rooms are great for work and organizations as they encourage teamwork, communication, and stress relief.

    We offer private bookings by appointment to accommodate your business needs. When booking for 8 or more please reach out to us via email or phone and someone will be happy to work with you on available dates and times.

  • Your group should plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled experience begins. If your group arrives late your experience will still end at the time it is scheduled to end. 

  • If time has run out and you have not completed the room, one of our game masters will walk you through what you missed and answer any questions you may have.

  • If you get stuck you can ask for a clue! All of our games are monitored by a game master that will provide you with a clue when you are ready. 

  • As creepy as that sounds… Yes! Your game is monitored for the entire time you are in the room ensuring you get the best experience.

  • No. Our rooms are designed around a maximum occupancy number. You will only be allowed to buy tickets for that many people. This includes children, infants, and babies no matter their size as they are also people according to the law.

  • Every person in the room must have a ticket for the experience. Escape rooms are a form of live entertainment. Like other live entertainment experiences (movies, concerts, plays, haunted houses) everyone needs a ticket whether or not they choose to laugh, sing along, dance, or cry.